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    Developer in Boise, ID

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    iOS graphics editor that allows users to customize and export playlist covers for use on their favorite music streaming services. Users select from a number of templates then edit fonts, colors, text, and photos with an intuitive SwiftUI interface.

    Published to the App Store, receiving 1,000+ downloads within the first week of release.



    React natural language processing web application to aid professors in grading writing assignments. Utilizes a fine-tuned RoBERTa models to grade assignments based on set criteria. Employs FAST API backend for processing requests.



    React natural language processing generative AI web application. Generates conceptual album titles, covers, and track listings using natural language processing, by way of fine-tuned language and stable diffusion machine learning models. A FAST API backend processes user input within REST requests to relevant models.



    React natural language processing generative AI web application. Allows users to interact with a GPT powered machine learning model fine-tuned to write Taylor Swift songs. Calls a Google Cloud REST API running a Docker instance of the model.



    Hi, I'm Elijah! 👋

    Born and raised in Idaho Falls, I'm a developer now living Boise, ID. I'm in my last semester studying Computer Science at Boise State University, with an emphasis in machine learning. Of everything I've learned, I'm most passionate about and fascinated by natural language processing. I've always loved to write, and it's amazing what we can do with a language, data science, and artificial intelligence. I'm also a member of the Boise State Honors College.

    Outside of my studies, I am an avid runner, reader, and Taylor Swift fan. My favorite era is absolutely 1989, but my top song of hers is probably Cruel Summer. That said, my music tastes extend well beyond just Taylor—I collect vinyl records and love curating music into countless playlists from a variety of artists and genres. Going to concerts is one of my most favorite things to do. It's always unreal seeing one of your favorite artists live.

    I love spending time with my family, friends, and boyfriend. Ask any one of them, and they'll all tell you that I'm always dreaming up a new project, from apps, to elaborate parties, to YouTube videos.

    There are few things I love more than creating.