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    Quiz FM

    Swift | 2021-2022

    Music quiz game for iOS that utilizes the last.fm API to generate questions based around a user's streaming habits.


    Python/React Web | 2022

    Allows users to interact with a GPT-2 powered machine learning model trained to write Taylor Swift songs.


    Circuit Tracer

    Java | 2021

    Implementation of a search algorithm which parses a valid input .dat file representing a circuit board layout, generating a list of the best possible (shortest) trace paths that connect two circuit components on the board.

    Priority Queue CPU Scheduling Simulation

    Java | 2021

    Priority queue max heap for simulation of round-robin CPU Process scheduling. Randomly generates processes, adds them to the queue following the scheduling algorithm, and outputs simulation results.

    Bioinformatics Using B-Trees

    Java | 2021

    Parses an input GeneBank file and stores its contents within a B-Tree. Accepts a DNA sequence query and searches the B-Tree, returning its frequency occurrence within the given genome. Outputs results to a machine-readable binary file or an SQL database.


    C | 2021

    Simplified version of the ps command found on the Unix terminal. Displays current processes on the system and their respective information. Demonstrates the create/destroy design pattern, dynamic memory allocation, and file stream proecessing.